Green Appliances

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Whether you're upgrading the appliances in your current home, or purchasing and installing appliances in a new home, appliances offer homeowners the chance to improve their quality of life, save money on utility bills, and do right by the environment, all in one easy step. If you've been searching for a no-nonsense guide to purchasing green home appliances, look no further. You've come to the right place.

Going Green
We understand that it can be tough for homeowners to wade through all the "green" appliance information out there, which is why we've teamed up with green remodeling expert David Johnston to provide you with the best, most accurate, green remodeling advice we possibly can. Johnston is the founder of the green consulting firm What's Working, Inc., the author of multiple books on green remodeling (including the Nautilus Award winner Green Remodeling: Changing the World One Room at a Time), and he has more than decades of experience in the building industry. That makes him the perfect person to give you some sage advice on what to look for if you think green is the best color for your appliance needs. 

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Stainless Steel Appliances Possess a Long-Lasting Appeal

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The problem with any remodel is that within a few years it may have already gone out of style. This is especially true in kitchens, where the newest fashion trends seem to come and go on a whim. One minute wood paneling is the hottest stuff on the market and then a few years later it looks dated and out of place. But in many kitchens, it's actually the household appliances that age quickest. Remember when pea-green and avocado were hip and chic. Remember when the biggest refrigerator or microwave meant the best quality of product. Trends always change over time, so when remodeling a kitchen the best design philosophy is to stay as neutral as possible. And installing state-of-the-art stainless steel appliances is the smartest way to stay stylish and to keep it that way.

The Stainless Steel Solution
In today's modern kitchen, stainless steel appliances are treasured investments. If you own them, you're proud of them. If you don't have them, you want them. Why? Well, they're sleek and simple, yet still look tough and durable. Also, their elegance can come in any shape or size. From can openers to stoves, microwaves to refrigerators, this material can be found on any kitchen utensil. Plus, just turn on the TV and you'll see a million shows where professional cooks attempt to turn everybody into a gourmet chef. Therefore, many homeowners want to imitate the look of these shows as well. Stainless steel appliances help to replicate the look of real restaurant kitchens, giving an authority to any amateur cook by making the room itself feel luxurious and special. And unlike other trends, this is doesn't look to be a fad. Since they've always been considered high-end products, they've always been in style and this fact won't change anytime soon.

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Chill Out with an Undercounter Refrigerator

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Where a traditional fridge is perfect for storing fresh and frozen food in the kitchen, an undercounter refrigerator is more at home in other areas of the house. These units are designed for use in living rooms, recreation rooms, and even patios or decks. Having the convenience of an undercounter refrigerator that is close by is perfect for those who enjoy entertaining or for anyone who needs some serious, specific, and temperature-controlled storage space.

Undercounter Refrigerator Uses
Depending on the model you purchase, an undercounter refrigerator can handle some or all of the tasks a conventional fridge performs. In some cases, they can do even more! Their unobtrusive designs let them go where standard models cannot.

While you can certainly put food in them, an undercounter fridge is truly a star when it comes to storing beverages. Many models can be found that are specifically designed for wine storage. They can even come with separate compartments to keep reds, whites, and champagnes each at their optimal temperature. Since they are designed for that specific purpose, these units will assure that your wine is always ready to serve. Those who buy and store a lot of wine will be delighted at the space they save in their kitchen refrigerator.

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